Once More I Seek Audience With My Very Own King

Once more I seek audience with my very own King
Once again joyously I have spread my soul’s wing.
Once more fate and fortune will beseech
That in this earthly camp, my tent I should pitch.
We gave credence to the angels as well as to the beast
The soul’s bird returned once more to Solomon’s soulful feast.
Intoxication by the Beloved has become my sweet abode
Soulful Joseph’s lock of hair is in an uncurling mode.
Once a friend asked me, why thus engage your fate?
Imagine how is the one who has found that soulful state!
My determined Beloved unveiled his lovely face
The canary of the soul sang his songs of praise
The sweetness that is not found, even in dreams
From my own very teeth, thank goodness, sweetly teems.
Headless, footless, indeed, without retinue I lead
In my own sweet land, sweetness to myself feed.
My heart in search of shining Shams headed for Tabriz
Go, go, my golden heart, your own gold seek and seize.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 28, 1998

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